The Music Side Of Town Blues Band is a collaboration of musicians working together to create an upbeat, bluesy, rockin' sound that dancers can "feel" and dynamically "move to" all around the dance floor! With rhythm guitar, vocals, lead guitar, bass guitar, and keyboards, embracing a number of band configurations, the Music Side Of Town Blues Band presents original blues tunes using the tried and true blues musical format, the 12 bar blues progression and it's variations! Performing together, the Band creates earthy, relevant musical songs that celebrate life, that express the ups and downs of living in the world, that laments at times, and enjoys at times the many vicissitudes of life! Our Motto is: "Come and dance!" One of the best ways for an audience to engage music (and thus any band) is by dancing to the music. So join us whenever you can, bring your dancing shoes (or wear them!), and come and dance to your heart's content! See you there!